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Welcome to The Dahls.

Key information:

PE day - Monday


Times tables:  Handed out on Monday (test every Monday)

Spellings:  Handed out on Friday (test each Friday)


The children have enjoyed learning about perimeter this term and were able to use a range of resources to measure the perimeter of objects both inside the classroom and in the outdoor environment.    


The Dahls class have been investigating solids, liquids and gases as part of their Science unit.  They moved around the playground, representing the particles in different states of matter and worked really well as team. 


                            Solid                                                                            Liquid                                                            Gas

We have been discussing the changes in state when chocolate is melted and making predictions about how quickly the chocolate will melt at different temperatures.  Afterwards we used the melted chocolate to make Rice Krispie cakes.


Religious Education

Our RE topic this term is ‘Food and Fasting’.  The children have looked at foods that are prohibited in certain religions and we have started discussing why some faiths have a fasting period.  They devised their own meal for a specific religion and had lots of fun creating collages of their meals. 


Safer Internet Day 
To celebrate Safer Internet Day the children engaged in a range of activities and had some fantastic discussions about what they believe are the best uses for the internet.  We discussed games and apps that the children may use and ways to stay safe online when accessing these.  

We made individual jigsaw pieces about ways we can be kind online and the children worked together to create their own online friend, listing the qualities they'd like them to have.

The children also spoke about selfies and images online.  They sorted a variety of photographs using a Venn diagram, and made thoughtful suggestions as to why some photographs shouldn't be shared online.