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Welcome to Hill's Class!

Take a look at some of our learning from this term...

We do lots of reading, writing and maths in fun and imaginative ways. The children are all active learners who enjoy finding out about new things, extending their own knowledge and making links.

We have lots of fun sharing activities with our friends from Little Ducklings when they come to visit.
They joined us to take part in some Chinese New Year activities, Jigsaw Puzzle Day, Popcorn and Cartoons afternoon and 'Make Your Friend a Card' day.

We made crusty bread rolls and a heartening vegetable soup.
This multi sensory activity involved kneading the dough and forming it into balls, smelling the lovely aroma of baking bread then preparing the vegetables. We peeled chopped and diced leeks, broccoli,sweet potatoes and carrots then we added them into a big pan with tomatoes, vegetable stock and herbs. We all enjoyed tasting the soup and eating our bread rolls for snack time.

This term (Spring 1) we are learning about Travel and Transport now and in the past. Our Science topic is My Body so as well as learning about our body and how it works, we are also thinking about how we can keep healthy - through our diet, exercise and keeping safe.
We will be making our own bread and vegetable soup this week and, of course, sampling the results!

Here are some photographs of what we have been doing so far...
 Counting and adding goldfish with this interactive maths game.

 OPERATE? Playing educational and fun games!
 Practicing our writing skills in the classroom...
...and outside too!
Trips around our local area.
 Outdoor activities.
 Some fun, fine motor skills activities...

 ...and some messy ones too!
 Using our senses and making our own snacks.
Having fun with friends in one of our role play areas!

P.E. is usually on Tuesdays but this can occasionally change!
Please continue to check your child's book bag for any letter practice, spellings or activities that have been sent home. Remember that reading with your child isn't just restricted to their reading books. Menus, instructions, sub-titles, recipes, articles in newspapers and on the web, even shopping lists - all of this is valuable reading and helps embed the skills needed for our children to become fantastic readers and writers!  
                                                       THANK YOU.  Mrs Dodge

The Hills class is Foundation Stage/Y1 Class 

As part of our 'My Body topic this term, we have been learning about healthy eating. This afternoon, we looked at, smelled and tasted some new and different fruits and expressed a preference on the IWB. We then completed our own chart before choosing to do some still life drawings.

Fruit tasting 2018