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Hope you all had a wonderful summer break and welcome back!  A very special welcome to all our new children, families and staff who have joined us this year.

Mrs Lawrence, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Williamson and Ms Potts have all joined our staff and are working in different classes supporting children and their learning.

It always amazes me how much the children seem to grow over the Summer break. Everyone seems to have settled back in really well…even the staff!!

Our day starts at 9.00 and children can come on to the school grounds from 8.50 when they will be supervised by a class teacher on the playground. Our breakfast club started on the first day back. Please remember there is no need to book breakfast club.

I will start this year as I did last year by saying, if there are any queries or any  concerns that you may have please do not hesitate to come in and have a chat with your child’s class teacher, Mrs Ellemore or myself. I continue to believe a real strength is to adopt an ’open-door’ policy and want you to know that you are welcome to come in or give school a ring if there is anything you wish to discuss. I am confident this is going to be another terrific year for our children.

After school clubs will start again week commencing the 12th September. This year they will be running on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please could you collect from the main entrance at the end of club and not the side doors. This is so that staff know who has gone and, more importantly, who has collected them.


I would like to give you advance notice that the week of November 6th 2017 will be parents evenings. Further details will be sent out nearer the time. However, as always, we encourage you to speak to us if you have any concerns at all.


Please remember that PE kit should be brought into school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday if you wish. There is a PE uniform of a blue T-shirt and black shorts and a pair of black jogging bottoms are useful for the colder weather as we do try and still take the children outside. It would be very helpful if every item of clothing is named, including their shoes. PE is a legal requirement in schools so it really is essential that correct kit is brought in. Please also ensure that all school uniform is named, especially jumpers and cardigans!  Uniform is available on line from either Tesco ( or Louth School Wear (


It is very important that the children have a drink in school.  Not only do they need one with their lunch but also throughout the day especially when they have PE.  Ideally they would have a named water bottle which they can refill if they need too.


As always, we ask that you support us trying to ensure our children develop a love of books and enjoy reading. As usual, your child will start to bring home books that are ‘colour-banded’. We will continue to provide different authors as these have proven to be very popular, especially with our older children. If your child reads any magazines and you are happy to let school have them then we would be very grateful – the more we can get them reading the better!                


Wednesday 11th October is the first of our events organised by FONTS. A fashion show will be held in the school hall during the evening….if it is anything like the previous one it will be a great night! More details will follow nearer the time.


As mention in our last newsletter your child’s attendance is very important to ensure that not only they reach their full potential. Our academy target is 96%. Last year we were really disappointed to say that only one class, The Hills, was above target at 97%. All the other classes were below target. It is really important that we work to improve this as poor attendance can not only affect your child’s education but also the rest of the class. As I mentioned could we please ask that if your child has an appointment during the school day that you please send in a copy of the appointment letter for our records.

As you know, at the minute we do not fine parents for term time holidays however, this is becoming a real possibility. Please, try to make sure your child is in school all the time apart from genuine illness.


Obviously attendance at school is very important for your child, however, we would ask that if your child has had any kind of sickness/upset tummy then they are kept off school for 48 hours following the final bout of illness, in line with school policy.  This is not only to ensure they are fully fit to return but also stops the spread of infection through the rest of the school and staff. Attached to this letter is the infection control sheet guidance for your information.


Over the first few days at school there will be a number of documents and forms that need a signature; for example, after-school club permission, behaviour conduct etc. The majority of these will be found inside your child’s reading record. Can we please ask that you sign these and they are sent back into school.  If you do have any questions then do not hesitate to get in touch.


We are more than happy for children to come on their bikes to school but would just ask that they get off and walk through the playground, often there are much younger children in the playground in a morning and we would hate for there to be an accident. 


Please make sure when you order your child’s hot lunches that you enter your child in the correct class. It does cause a lot of confusion at lunchtime if their details have been entered in correctly. Also, please remember they need to be booked in advance, even free school meals. It is also a good idea to let your child choose them with you so they know they will like what they are having. There is a good choice of 3 options each day and they are really quite tasty! We thankyou for your help in this matter!


Many thanks for your continued support of North Thoresby Primary Academy!

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