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Obviously attendance at school is fundamental and there is a lot of recent research to show the impact that taking occasional days off from school can have. The Local Authority (LA) set targets every year for schools’ attendance and we have to show how we are working towards those targets. Attendance is also a factor closely monitored by OFSTED.

If a child is not at school then it is a legal requirement that we follow up all absences. We ask that if your child is unwell then you contact the school on the first day that they are not attending and this can be done through a phone call or message with another parent/ child. If you have any doubts then please do not hesitate to contact the school.

There is no legal right to take your child on holiday during term time. For exceptional reasons, up to ten days authorised absence from school can be granted. If you wish to take your child on holiday then the LA request that you complete a holiday form and then return it into school. Each request is considered individually, taking into account factors like the reason for the holiday, its timing and the child’s attendance record. Holiday request forms are available from the school office and need to be authorised by a panel of three governors.


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